Volunteer Opportunities

The ICF Delhi NCR Chapter prides itself on its loyal members and dedicated volunteers.  To that end, we are always looking for members that are willing to use their talents to help the growth and development of the chapter.  Joining one of the  committees is an exciting way to get involved and make a difference. Here are just some of the ways you can contribute:

    • Join a Committee send an email to :
    • Organise an Event

Committee: Community Outreach

What we do: Committed to raise the profile of coaching in the community through volunteer service work and advocacy.  Pro Bono coaching gives coaches the opportunity to contribute something meaningful while doing something we love to do—coach.  The Chapter has formed Alliances with three national organizations whose sole mission is to identify Pro Bono coaching opportunities and match qualified coaches with recipients.  Our talented coaches specialize in a variety of areas (e.g., leadership, career and life coaching, transitions) as well as in focused specialty fields as health care, non-profits, government, community volunteers, and rehabilitation services.

Why this is important: Our work is promotes the value and contribution of the coaching profession and offers our coaches wonderful opportunities to serve our community, often with organizations and individuals who are not familiar with coaching and who may not be able to afford it.

How you can help: You can join a dynamic group of coaching colleagues who offer pro bono coaching services, and a planning committee who identifies/leads coaching outreach opportunities in our community.  You can expand coaching skills with a variety of different and sometimes unique clients (e.g., youth, veterans, boards of directors, homeless family members).  Many coaches apply their pro bono hours to ICF certification.

Committee: Marketing & Communication

What we do: Our role is to attract and retain new members to the chapter, raise the profile of coaching in the community, and to create and issue chapter communications that generate awareness and inspire action.

Why this is important: People are attracted to communities that are vibrant, active and growing. Getting the word out about coaching will enhance the profession.  News & Notes (published biweekly every other Wednesday), social media communication and the Chapter Blog keeps chapter members and the public informed about activities and encourages engagement.

How you can help: Do you have a talent for engaging people through copy-writing or networking?  Or maybe you have good social media skills?  Become a regular contributor who reports on key learning points from chapter meetings and the Capital Coaches Conference or solicit articles that enhance profession of coaching.  We also welcome your skills as an editor and proofreader.